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Welcome to the European Geological Metadata Catalogue

The Geological Metadata Catalogue, developed within the framework of the OneGeology-Europe eContent plus project, provides the means for searching (Metadata Search) national geological and applied geological map data ranging from the scale of 1:10,000 to 1:1 million. The Catalogue also offers a SW tool, fully multilingual, for creation and-or editing metadata records (Metadata Editor). The national geological map data, maintained and provided by 21 national geological survey organizations, are presented in this Metadata Catalogue in a form of datasets, dataset series or where available as on-line services.

In order to harmonise descriptions of national geological and applied geological maps or map series a new Geological Metadata Profile (GMP) was developed and utilised when collecting the metadata records. The GMP is fully based on the EN ISO 19115 (for datasets, series) and EN ISO 19119 (for services) international standards. The GMP is also compliant with the INSPIRE Metadata Regulation (Nr. 1205/2008).

In order to directly display a metadata record (geological or applied geological map) for which an on-line map service is available, the Metadata Catalogue is integrated into the OneGeology-Europe Portal. Both the OneGeology-Europe Portal and the Metadata Catalogue build together a unique multilingual system for discovery, view and use of geological data across Europe.